Welcome to The Edge.

The Edge is a Christian community for college students and young adults. Our purpose is to show this generation the hope found in Jesus Christ and how God is relevant and active today.

We'd love to see you! Check out our service on Friday nights at 6:30pm at Cedarcreek. If you crave a community with rewarding, rich relationships, you'll love The Edge!

About Us

The Edge is part of Cedarcreek Community Church, a young Bible church that loves its Edgers. Our purpose is to show college students and young adults what it means to have a relationship with God and realize the true purpose of our lives. Attending Cedarcreek is by no means a requirement to be part of The Edge, but we'd love to see you there!

What The Edge does

We do a lot of things together, particularly our Friday Church Service geared towards a younger generation and Sunday morning service at Cedarcreek. These are the foundation of our church, and we'd love to see you at either one. Additionally, we go to several conferences each year: Faithwalkers during Christmas break and our own Edge Retreat in the spring. We have many social activities to just hang out together where you'll feel right at home.

Where we came from

The Edge is the new kid on the block; we started up in 2000. Being new keeps us on our toes and keeps things exciting! We were started by a group of college students from Cedarcreek Community Church, and we have continued to grow because of God's provision of passionate students.

Missions Trips & Leadership Training

The Edge participates, at a minimum, in one short term mission trip every year. In 2009, we went to Haiti to help an orphanage called Servants of All. We were able to raise enough money, by the grace of God, to send 22 people to teach and serve the orphans in Haiti. In 2010, we went to Salt Lake City, Utah to help one of Cedarcreek's sister churches. We rented two vans and drove across the country; along the way we were amazed by God's creation as well as His glory. We were allowed to go out among the people and share the Good News. In 2013, we went to Honduras and shared God's love with people by building beds for those who didn't have one. In 2014, we traveled to Wichita, Kansas, where we helped serve across the city at different beginning churches as well as at a few businesses, being a light for Jesus in the community. In spring of 2017 we travelled across the sea to Italy and taught english clubs and shared the gospel! God takes us places we'd otherwise never go to share in His amazing work!

We are active in sending college students to a Leadership Training Program during the summer vacation, which is held in Colorado. Every year we send students who want to develop a stronger and closer relationship with their Creator and Savior. The training develops skills in leading small groups as well as encouraging evangelism. This very fun, very challenging experience for students has proven to be blessed by God's grace.

How to check us out

The best way to check out The Edge is to come on a Friday night. We meet at 6:30 at Cedarcreek and have worship and messages each week. Come, you'll like it! You can also check out the "normal" services at Cedarcreek on Sunday mornings.

Friday Night Service

Every Friday night we will meet at Cedarcreek at 6:30(3520 Eastwind Drive). There we will enjoy snacks, extended worship, a relevent teaching and some form of group activity.

Friday Night Service: Doors open at 6:30. Service starts at 7:00.

Small Groups

Small groups are an excellent way to connect with other Edgers and build strong, lasting relationships through fellowship. A typical small group meeting includes plenty of time to socialize and discuss a relevant topic in terms of our daily experiences. Come prepared to be challenged and have fun!

Fall 2017

This semester we will have bible studies available. Contact Matt Novacek (novacek.matthew@gmail.com) or Justin Wichman (justinwichman@ccreek.org) for more information!


Friday Night Services

The Edge meets every Friday night at 6:30 at Cedarcreek Church (3520 Eastwind Drive). Our Friday service includes plenty of time to relax, drink COFFEE, worship, discuss topics relevenat to today and hear a message from a speaker from Cedarcreek, all tailored to our generation.

Relevant Messages

Pastor Rob Gerber, Matt Novacek, Jerry Woods and Justin Wichman rotate in teaching God's wisdom in a relevant way. Our messages come straight from the Bible, and they're designed to apply to life today. Rob is a full-time pastor at Cedarcreek Community Church.


Our worship services are designed to help you encounter God and to praise Him in a free and powerful atmosphere. Our hope is that by using music as a tool, we can encourage you to pursue God and allow Him to pursue you, all while giving Him the glory He deserves.


Friday nights are the best time to check out The Edge for the first time and see what we're about--you'll meet plenty of friendly faces! We love to unwind at the end of the week and have a great time.